Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday....

Happy April!

Sweetgrass Place Setting - JDWolfePottery

I've found a whole new love for stoneware. I've been buying bits and pieces from an artist at St Andrews market on Saturdays, and just love the way they feel. This set would feel right at home in my kitchen.

Excited like my Labrador - reclaimed childrens book brooch by Reread

I love all of the
things in Reread's shop, but I'm really feeling this one today. I'm excited about the DUST craft swap, trying another one of my new soaps that I got the other day, not having to vacuum...the cats are being quiet for once....House is on tonight...I'm just having a great Wednesday!

I Love Owls - comfy looking clutch by In Bloom Designs

With the cooler weather approching I always gravitate to soft and snuggly things. This would be great to take with me to the market, I always seem to lose things in my huge messanger bag, so a bit of organization would save a lot of time. Oh and the owl fabric is just too cute!


  1. Beautiful things!! The pottery place setting is gorgeous

  2. What a lovely selection, I just love that brooch!

  3. Am lovin all your picks...pottery is so tactile isn't it...and that set has great lines...reread is very clever and we all need a bit of excitement...and the clutch you can just tell that it would feel good can't you...

  4. oohhhh LOVE those stoneware pieces!

  5. That owl purse is divine! *sigh* I adore it -I happen to love owls too :)