Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sharing pretty things...

I'm a total sucker for a pretty/cool/weird print! I've been on a print buying spree these past few months, here are my latest editions!

For the study:
"Moments when my gaze goes vacant" by The Mincing Mockingbird

For the entrance to the back hall:
"Fox and Hare" by Traceface

For my work room:
Vintage dictionary prints of an Owl and Fox by Memorydust

For our bedroom:
"Spore" by Yellena

For our ensuite:
"Season" by Yellena

I just couldn't resist these two...
"Blossom Tree" by Lino Girl

"Scarlet" by Lino Girl

An etsy purchase from last year. Hanging in our front hall/gallery:
"Wish you were here" by Jan Allsop