Thursday, May 28, 2009

Treasury: Spring It!....

The lovely Kylie of Early Bird Creations has featured my "Breathe" necklace in this gorgeous treasury, thanks Kylie!


  1. What a lovely treasury, wouldn't be surprised to see that on the Front Page.

  2. Thats excellent - look great! I am still so new to Blogger and Etsy, still stumbling around in the dark - lol I'll get there one day, cheers Val

  3. i like your new banner !! I have made a few foxes and will put them up on etsy soon ... i have a market next weekend so I'm going to wait until after before i go and put a whole heap of brooches on etsy ... :)

  4. Oh this was such a pretty treasury!
    Your Breathe necklace is just Gorgeous :)

    I had the pleasure of meeting Kylie from Early Bird Creations on the weekend Tiff, I went to a market and she was there with her Amazing made my day to come across another lovely aussie etsy seller :)