Monday, September 7, 2009

New at Owl and Fox....

Some recent additions to
Patchouli and Orange - Tourmaline and 14kt Goldfill earrings
Water Bloom - Carneilian & Sodalite Sterling Silver Earrings
Neutral Beauty - Mixed Stone and Thai Fine Silver Bracelet
Frozen - Kyanite and 14kt Goldfill earrings
Happiness - Turquoise and Vermeil Earrings
Estury - Sterling Wrapped Labradorite Necklace
Rockpool - Vintage Lucite and Sterling silver Earrings
Tall Poppy - Graduated Sponge Coral Necklace
Baroque - Swarovski and 14kt Goldfill Earrings


  1. Gorgeous Tiffany! I love the flower detail on the Neutral Beauty and the colours on the Patchouli and Orange are breathtaking! :)

  2. These earrings are really very nice and attractive too. I am interested in buying them... Thanks.

    dsi r4