Monday, February 9, 2009

Victoria's heartache....

Please visit our Oz Bush Fire Appeal store on Etsy and grab yourself something beautiful. All proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross, helping those who've lost everything in Australia's worst bush fires in written history.

My heart goes out to everyone in Victoria, every single person I know has been affected by this terrible tragedy. We have family who've lost their homes in the Marysville fire, and are so thankful that they got out in time, with their pets. They were the lucky ones. Several of my families friends are still missing in the area of the Churchill fires which are still burning.

Donate what you can to the Australian Red Cross bushfire appeal.
Stay up to date and know what's going on around you: CFA incident reports

The weather has finally turned, we have had a bit of rain, and it's now in the low 20's. Hopefully this will be enough to finalize the destruction for this year.

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