Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday!

I'm jumping on this bandwagon, thanks to Carley of Vanilla Pixie for the inspiration! It's a lovely way to show off other peoples work and do some window shopping at the same time.

Spearmint Swirl - One of a kind ring by Incalesco
This is just so gorgeous, I adore green amethyst and this piece really appeals to me. I think it's a little too small a size for my fingers, though I'm going to keep Erika in mind for my next ring purchase....our 1st wedding anniversary is in August....hint hint Husband!

I've been looking for a little purse to carry around my business cards and return address label, something small i can grab for post office trips. This little cutie is right up my alley :)

Ever since I received my DUST craft swap gift print from Vanessa, I was hooked on this medium. I think I need to have this hanging in my study. Soon my sweets, soon.


  1. Awww I love the forest creatures-they're so other wordly!

  2. Thankyou!! And I love the owls, they're so serene and even a little spooky, but so pretty.

  3. That ring is amazing!! Awesome picks from some talented DUSTers

  4. Aw thanks for the nice feedback about the ring girls, I really enjoyed making it too. And I have a whole box of gems (slight addiction - ahem) waiting to be turned into something sparkly and wearble.

  5. My owls are very happy to be on your wishlist, thanks!

  6. I'll have one of each of those thanks...