Tuesday, July 13, 2010

By popular demand! Necklaces on Madeit...

As requested by all of you lovely St Andrews and Camberwell market ladies, some of our most popular Owly and the Fox items are slowly being listed on Madeit! Yay! (about time eh?)

All necklaces are in very limeted quantities!

"Little Birdy" Vintage Verdigris Brass and Copper $22

"Forever Bloom" Lucite Rose Pendant $20

"Pretty As A Picture" Verdigris Vintage Brass And Copper $22

"Owl And Fox" Gold Pewter $24

"Swallow Elegance" Vintage Boheimian Crystal, Vintaj Brass And Copper $26

"Concentric" Vintage Enameled Brass, Silver And Gunmetal $22

"Lotus" Vintage Brass, Freshwater Pearl And Copper $32


  1. It could also be said that designer Necklaces are similar in appearance as well. It will show how delicately you will hold her heart as the years pass by in your life together.

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