Monday, January 12, 2009

I am NOT a crazy cat lady....

I never considered myself a "cat person" because of the serverly adverse reaction my body has whenever I'm near one, I'm horribly allergic. That was until several years ago, when my mum introduced me to her new Ragdooll rescue, Pepper. Ragdolls are known to be somewhat hypoallergenic, so after a few hours of total comfort with this big fluffball cat hanging around, I decided to do some research and look into which other cats might be suitable for the newly discovered cat lover in me. After a couple of months of gental persuation, I'd convinced husband how great it would be to finally be able to have a feline friend, but he's even more allergic than I am, so we needed to test this out. After a few visits to our selected breeder, who had seven Ragdolls in the house, both husband and I had fallen for these big, fluffy, floppy cats...and not a weeze or sneeze out of either of us! This was the result:Before Mr Binx was even old enough to come home with us, we decided that it would be nice for him to have a friend, as we weren't home as often as we would have liked, and we didn't want a bored and destructive kitten destroying our brand new home. So along came Indie. Two kittens kept us on our toes, but they were great fun and they both grew to love each others company, which gave us some time off from the kitten claws.
Six months later....
We both had had enough of the el cheapo cat scratchers that our growing boys were destroying way too quickly, (3 in 6 months!), and had seen the Funky Cat Feline Furniture online and decided to spoil them, and us, with this rather extravigant purchace. We decided to go and veiw them in person, and tentativly walked into the scariest place someone with cat allergies could go...a National cat show. Zyrtec was well into our system, so we were doing pretty good. Just go in, buy the cat tree, and leave.....ha! Even husband couldn't resit looking at all of the pretty, weird and just plain scary looking felines, it was like a day at the zoo!
And then we saw them. 7 tiny black gremlins, staring at us with big round eyes set in strange elfin faces, twitching their massive ears, almost hairless apart from some fluff on their tails and faces...Devon rex kittens...quite possibly the ugliest, and the cutest things we'd ever seen.
To cut a long post short, we now have 4 cats, two Ragdolls and two Devon Rexes. Our 3 boys Binx, Indie and Marley, all live harmoniously, though our queen bee, Luna, can be quite a handfull, (she's a very complex individual). I'll be "cat posting" every now and then, but not the "look what my fluffie winkles did today! aww!" kind of post, yuck.

One of my favourite photos, this is currently residing on our fridge.
Binx - 4 months - Polerized Macro


  1. I have a cat-loving-but-dying-doing-it daughter. I'll have to tell her about these cats. I thinks she knows a ragdoll and is fine with it. Where's the place you went?

  2. The Ragdoll breeder? Bedarra Ragdolls,
    Or the Devon Rex? Unfortunately, I wouldn't recommend the breeder we got our two Devons from, but I can recommend this lady in Sydney:
    Is that what you meant to ask?