Saturday, January 10, 2009

my first time playing with hemp....

In my interest to learn how to knot beads, I found a really good deal on hemp cord that I just couldn't resist. Yesterday I was having a tough time with "beaders block", (it always seems to happen whenever I have washing to do, bad feng shui perhaps?), so I decided to try something different and got out the hemp. I looked up the basic knotting instructions - simple enough. I loved the thought of adding beads, something had to be those Australian recycled wooden beads I've been hoarding. 25 minutes later, my bracelet had to be rethought out into what turned into a pretty funky necklace.
I'm a total hippy at heart, I'm really only a few steps away from dreading my hair and moving to Kuranda, so hemp knotting seems like a logical creative outlet for me. I think I might do a few more and take them up to St Andrews market next Saturday. They're so much fun to make, I can't believe I never got to do this as a kid! Next stop - knotting gemstones onto waxed cotton cord.

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