Wednesday, January 14, 2009

what a way to start the day....

After an awful night of trying to keep cool, failing, and getting about 2 minutes sleep, husband gets me up at 5:30am to take him to the train station. I grumble incoherent ramblings the whole 10 minutes it takes to get there and back ( could he not have made me a coffee? Not even a lukewarm sip from his black tea...I can't believe it's already 25 degrees outside....BLAH!). What a way to start the day!
So I'm trudging to the kitchen, passing the study...then I get this odd feeling...could it be? I find myself getting a little giddy while checking on my emails....Ah-Hah! I'd made my first sale! No longer needing my caffeine hit to keep me going, I've been convoing, twittering, plurking and texting my excitement for about 2 hours now. Yes, I'm a dork, you were bound to find that out sooner or later.

These are the earrings that a lovely lady in the U.S bought today. They're part of my "simple" series of earrings that I listed only the day before.


  1. Congratulations Tiff! They are gorgeous!

  2. Congrats, I'm doin' the happy dance for yah (:

  3. ...and then the next day I sold 2 more pairs! *Doing a happy dance with Finki*

  4. wow, congrats....I'd be dancing too!